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A great photo of myself


A big list of good news which happened in 2016.

The site received over 15,000 visitors from over 120 countries in the three days following it's launch. It has since featured on Product Hunt, and Typewolf, and you can read a short interview with me about the site on Brutalist Websites.

2016 Promo
2016 Promo
2016 Promo

Bone in the USA

Sticker pack for iMessage themed around America's most famous undecided voter.

This went from being an idea in my head to being a thing in the App Store in just over 72 hours. Unfortuantely Ken's 15 minutes faded just as fast.

See it in the App Store.

Ken Bone Sticker Pack

Sculptural Planes

Pin/logo design for a book by photographer Francesca Tamse

Paved With Gold logo
Paved With Gold logo

Paved With Gold

Identity for an online community strategist and marketing specialist.

Paved With Gold logo
Paved With Gold logo

Highbury Library

Branding for a new bar and cafe space in Highbury, London which has a large record collection customers can play with.

Highbury Libary Photos

Music Tech Meetup

Branding for Mint's Music Tech Meetup. Inspired by digital interpretations of analogue sound.

Music Tech Meetup animated logo

Wine Captain

Illustration for an online wine club

Wine Captain delivery illustration

WAW 2016

Logo for a hack-week set in Wales.

WAW 2015 logo

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