I'm a designer based in London, making digital products (and socks) at Mint Digital.

A QUICK OVERVIEW 2013 – 2015

The Bathory.
Design from the ground up (brand, packaging, web) on The Bathory - a unique service which lets you invent your own perfect bath soak.

Mint Digital, 2014. THEBATHORY.COM

Web Two
Web Three
Jars Two

Pin Radio
A tiny customisable music player which can be pinned to your website. A prototype designed, branded and built for Universal in four days.

Mint Digital, 2013.

Tube Socks.
Socks the colour of the tube - a product I founded at Mint. I designed the socks, brand, and website, and put a system in place for orders to be fulfilled from our custom Shopfiy store.

Mint Digital, 2014. TUBESOCKS.CO

Stars At Your Service
Website for a Channel 4 show in which members of the public completed silly (and worthwhile) activities with celebrities for the charity Stand Up to Cancer. Designed mobile first, the website allowed users to easily create their booking, whilst satisfying the requirements of Channel 4, the production company, and the charity. By the time the show aired, nearly 20,000 applications had been made.

Mint Digital, 2014.

Challenge Mint.
Colourful branding for Mint's annual product hack retreat in 2014 during which we worked on solving problems posed to us by school children.

Mint Digital, 2014.

Tesco Clubcard Tool
I assisted with user research and early proposition testing on a new Tesco Clubcard product. Later I contributed illustration and defined the visual style for a prototype product built over four days. The tool allowed customers to understand their shopping habits and make better decisions around spending and health.

Mint Digital, 2013

Wine Captain.
Design, branding and illustration for an online wine club. After conducting interviews around wine drinking habits, a more youthful, whimsical approach was taken.

Mint Digital, 2013.

Secret 7"
Sleeve design for 'Get It On' by T-Rex combing emoji and factory records aesthetics. Exhibited and auctioned for charity as part of Secret 7's 2014 show alongside artists such as Jake & Dinos Chapman and Paul Smith.

Personal, 2014.

Music Tech Meetup
Branding for Mint's Music Tech Meetup. Inspired by digital interpretations of analogue sound.

Mint Digital, 2013

Nice Portfolio
A curated showcase of the best design portfolios on the web, hand picked by me. I felt a one-stop place for portfolio inspiration would be a useful resource for any designer thinking about how to present their work online.

2014, Personal.

50 Shades of Drake.
Everyone needs to make something stupid every once in a while. This greycsale colour picker for Drake fans was featured on Product Hunt and was quickly followed by 50 Shades of Dre, Jay, and Ye. It's since become my go-to place for picking the perfect shade.

Personal, 2014. 50shadesofdrake.COm

Minty bits & pieces
Various icons, illustrations and things created for Mint over the last couple of years. See my Dribbble for more.

Mint Digital, 2013 – 2014.